PDDL new text available

March 15, 2008 in PDDL

Public Domain Dedication and Licence v.1.0 

The new materials are up!  The first draft has been archived and links to the original text will be posted.  I’ve just updated the page that the PDDL was originally on. The Community Norms statement was not updated.


Added various text in the preamble in order to clarify it a bit.

Deleted “Database Directive” definition and incorporated it into “Database Right” definition as was only used in the database right definition.

New 2.2, old 2.2 changed to 2.3.  New 2.2 as outlined in blog post below with some amendments: Proposed additional clause post
Include “completeness” after “accuracy” in Section 5.1

There is no FAQ up detailing use — the Open Data Commons project is a volunteer effort at this time and so a FAQ will be forthcoming as we are able to devote time to it. Thanks however must go to Talis for sponsoring the initial draft creation.

Please do not link to the PDDL text as a means of using it: Copy the text to your own site or place it in the file as appropriate after you’ve consulted with appropriate counsel about using the document.

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