ODC-BY new draft available for comment

June 1, 2010 in Licenses

We’re going to have a short comment period on the latest version of the ODC-BY license, which has a few changes based on some feedback we received and added text that was discussed as part of the Open Database License revision process.

Here is a summary of some of the changes and a few points about how it compares to the Open Database License.


Just to make explicit some of the changes as compared to the ODbL: We’ve trimmed out some of the explanatory material in the preamble to make it shorter. This text just explains to the reader some more of the context of how to use the license. We’ll have more of this kind of stuff up on the Open Data Commons site.

4.0 Conditions of Use

We reinstated 4.2a from the ODbL, slightly modified as there is no share-alike provision here. This simply states that you must only “Publicly Convey” the Database under the terms of the ADbL license.

This means that we’ve shifted the lettering back to a-d.

The new 4.2b and c has a slight edits in drafting. This oversight also needs correcting in the ODbL, which we will keep track of and propose in the future.

“Licensing of others”

4.8 from the ODbL needs to be in the ODC Attribution License. This clause makes it clear that it is a direct relationship from the Licensor to all users. It has been renumbered to 4.4.

TPMs and parallel distribution is out

This is just to make explicit something that is already present in the first draft that has been available for commenting — Section 4.7 of the ODbL has not been transferred to the ODC-BY license. The attribution license should in my opinion be a fairly liberal license in that it should allow a wide set of use. That’s why 4.7 from the ODbL is not present.

In comparison, the MIT / BSD style of open source licenses don’t have anti-TPM clauses, but the Creative Commons licenses do (it’s in 4.a in the CC-BY- 3.0 unported license). CC doesn’t have a parallel distribution clause at all.

Let us know what you think. Given the interest in getting this out and the extended initial comment period, please have comments back by end of the day on Tuesday 8 June 2010.

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