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Updates on the Open Data Commons project

- November 26, 2008 in About

It may not look like it, but there has been some movement behind the scenes here at Open Data Commons. Lately, we’ve set some goals for restructuring the website and organisation behind the licences, so stay tuned for further updates. We’ll soon have greater ways for people to participate, including areas for volunteers and contributors. Until then…

PDL to go out of beta – 15 March

- March 12, 2008 in About, PDDL

At the Open Knowledge Convention in London on Saturday, March 15th, I will make a short presentation on the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and Licence and announce its release out of beta. By the end of the day on Monday I will have all the changes finished and up on A detailed FAQ will still be in the works, as this project at the moment is volunteer led. If you’d like to contribute a FAQ or to financially support the development of a FAQ and additional materials, please contact support ]at[ this site’s Thanks!

New site look

- January 11, 2008 in About

I’ve update the theme for the site — I don’t claim to be a web designer by trade, and I’m aware of some needed tweaks that we will work on in the near future. However the original site was put up quickly and didn’t have trackbacks and comments working on the legal tools (and didn’t take advantage of the latest WordPress features). Any suggestions or offers of help most welcome.

2008 — year of open data

- January 3, 2008 in About

After a short break for the holidays, we’ll be posting and promoting the new drafts more regularly. I hope that everyone had a pleasant time over the holiday break. Happy new year!

2008 is looking like it will be the year of open data. With the release of the Science Commons protocol, the announcement of CCZero, and of course our project, it looks like there will be quite a few options on the table for licensing data in an open way this year. This is after a long time where there were no good options for those looking at licensing data.

Hopefully we will soon release the draft Public Domain Dedication & Licence for use and then we can start getting some feedback from projects making use of the licence and their experiences. With some early adopters, we can quickly start to see some of the benefits of the public domain approach, and maybe some variations on the Community Norms (you are after all free to roll your own).

We will be doing some speaking and presentations on open data throughout the year — details as soon as they are available. One of many will be at this year’s OKCON on 15th of March at the London School of Economics. Details here. If you know of an event you think we should speak at about open data, please contact us with the details.

Licences now available for comment

- December 17, 2007 in About, Community Norms, PDDL

The new Open Data Commons set of legal tools are now available for comment. There are two documents for you to review:

Public Domain Dedication & Licence (PDDL)

Community Norms

We’ve created a FAQ for some of the initial questions here. A FAQ addressing some of the in-depth legal issues of the PDDL will be forthcoming.

The current draft PDDL is compliant with the newly released Science Commons draft protocol for the “Open Access Data Mark” and with the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Open Definition.

Read the protocol here and read the announcement on the Science Commons blog here. The Open Definition is available at

You can read the Creative Commons announcement here, and read about their new implementation of the protocol, CC ∅ here.

Welcome to the official Open Data Commons site

- December 15, 2007 in About

Welcome to the official site of the Open Data Commons project. Here you will find all about the licences and other documents available.