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Open Data Commons – Attribution License released

- June 24, 2010 in Licenses, ODC-By

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the licenses and their help with the project. We can now announce a new license to the Open Data Commons family, the ODC Attribution License (ODC-BY) license. This is a database specific license requiring attribution for databases. This makes ODC-BY similar to the Creative Commons Attribution license, but is built specifically for databases. As a legal tool that only requires attribution, it complies with the Open Knowledge Definition, the Open Knowledge Foundation‘s standard around defining the rights behind what something means to be “open”.

ODC-BY homepage at:

Plain language summary of the ODC-BY is up at:

Final license text at:

For those preferring plain text:

Thanks for everyone’s help, particularly Rufus and the ODC advisory board.

Draft of an Open Data Commons Attribution License

- January 11, 2010 in Licenses, News and events, ODC-By

Open Data Commons are happy to announce the first draft of an attribution license for data/databases:

A commentable version of the text is available here:

Feedback is actively sought and we would be grateful for any assistance in circulating this announcement to relevant communities and networks.

The license is heavily based on the Open Database License (ODbL), though obviously without the share-alike provisions! With its simpler nature and its solid base from the ODbL, we don’t anticipate as much work as with the ODbL to get this to a 1.0.

The present plan is to start out with this first comments round based ending around the start of February. Based on the feedback received we will then assess how many further rounds of revision and consultation will be needed.

Some particular questions that it would be good to have feedback on:

  • Is there any irrelevant matter that can be cut from the license
    (shorter is better!)
  • Is attribution wanted for produced works (at the moment it is)
  • What flexibility in attribution format/requirements should be supported


The drafting of this license has been prompted by a clear need in several communities for an open license for data/databases that provides for attribution but does not impose share-alike requirements. Following discussion last Autumn on the public discuss list work was started on this draft attribution license.