Open Data Commons exists to provide legal solutions for open data. In March 2008 it launched the first ever open data license: the Public Domain Dedication and License (PDDL). Open Data Commons is an Open Knowledge Foundation project run by its Advisory Council and like the Foundation is a not-for-profit effort working for the benefit of the general open knowledge community.

Getting in Touch

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Advisory Council

See the Advisory Council page.


In December 2007 Open Data Commons was created by Jordan Hatcher as the home for the drafting of the first ever ‘open’ database license: the Public Domain Dedication and License. The license was written by Jordan Hatcher and Dr Charlotte Waelde with their work funded by Talis.

Seeking a more long-term home for this endeavour, in January 2009 Jordan transferred the Open Data Commons project to the Open Knowledge Foundation. While the Foundation is responsible for hosting ODC and running it on a day-to-day basis, ultimate responsibility for management and drafting of the licenses (plus associated material) lies with the Advisory Council.


Thank you to all of our contributors and everyone that has suggested changes to the licenses during the commenting process. Thanks also to Matt Amos and Richard Weait for their contributions to the plain language summaries of the licenses.

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